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Bio Quantum facilitates the bodies own communication and programming to re-establish the link of communication

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First do not hurt is a basic dictum of medicine. So it is important to have as our primary goal the precept of Healing, So this IS called responsibility medicine. The goal is to assist self-regulation and restore proper long term function. When function is restored, the symptoms leave by themselves. Remember, in natural healing, the FOCUS is not on stopping the symptoms but rather on restoring the functions then the symptoms will disappear.


make use of a biofeedback device called the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations) What makes the SCIO unique and very powerful is the connection that is made between the device and the clients hole body up to cellular level. Meaning we work with the cause not just the symptoms. The SCIO process phase is based on decades of scientific findings about the electromagnetic characteristics of the body. SCIO's whole purpose is to re-harmonize and reinforce the body's self-healing processes with some help. The client is attached to the system with 5 harness leads that attaches to the wrists, ankles and forehead.


Although we have very good results with various kinds of disease even life threatening ones, we cannot guarantee how quick the client will heal, or how many treatments will be needed, since each individual differs in aspects such as vitamin and mineral contents of the body, to mention just a few. The client should take responsibility for his/her own health and let go of unhealthy habits and have the will to heal. We are supported by the Quantum Alliance group, which is a worldwide alliance of doctors and medical professionals sharing knowledge and experience.


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Bio Quantum facilitates the bodies own communication and programming to re-establish the link of communication that got lost

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