Solfeggio Frequency Tunning

The Ancient Solfeggio frequencies therapy

Solfeggio Tunning

Who am I? I am more then Teacher/Healer. I am an Awakener

I am of service to humanity and being an empowering ambassador for new ideas and systems that are breaking through, rather than just trying to fix 3rd dimensional systems that are breaking down

Therefore I facilitate you in a nonjudgmental atmosphere by using ancient custom vibrational tools and empowering techniques that clear energetic blockages, bring balance and relieve stress up to cellular level.

Quantum Physics which tells us that everything is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be.

I invite you to be a partner with me as we take this adventure together...

Solfeggio Tunning Session

A Typical Session

Sessions are usually 3 to 60 minutes long and are conducted fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions begin with taking away the stresses of the day.

You will then experience the energy vitality technique, which can assist you in opening your energy centers and raising you energy level from survival to optimum vitality

A 60 minute session will continue with either Solfeggio Body Tuners to address specific areas of concern and/or the Energy Scanning Technique which can assist in finding and clearing out energy blockages from the past events that you are ready to release.

Reminder: This is a non-invasive therapy or technique.

Since the cornerstone of this technique is based on the intent of the client and the practitioner, techniques may vary between practitioners.

The session length and rate is set by the individual practitioner. Many of these individuals are trained in other disciplines and incorporate the vibrational tuning fork technique within those modalities.

Concept of vibrational energy vitality tuning

by using Ancient Solfeggio frequencies
in the form of energy tuners by providing overall balance

UT 396 Hz

Liberating Guild and fear

RE 417 Hz

Undoing situations and facilitating change

MI 528 Hz

Transformation and DNS repair

FA 639 Hz


SOL 741 Hz

Expression / Solutions

LA 852 Hz

Awakening Intuition

Optimize energy / clearing energy blockage

Enhance senses of wellbeing on all levels by working on the core issue (cause) not just the end result (symptoms)

When used in ancient chants (Solfeggio frequencies) their special tones where believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings
when sung in harmony during religious masses.

Devine sources wants this sacred knowledge returned to the masses of spiritual people who long for it.
By returning to God's clock, calendar, musical notes and color scheme humanity will return to the matrices of higher thought
that enables Spirit to inspire natural "communication". that is, people who sing the notes of the Solfeggio and practice the precepts
therein, will be blessed with peace, health, harmonious social relationships and oneness with spirit.

Solfeggio Consultation Pricing

Affordable wellness for all

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