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More about META-therapy and Bioplasm NLS

META-therapy works with the device "BIOPLASM", a new diagnosis and therapy machine of the energy medicine, which links the traditional complementary-medical system and modern results of research in one synthesis

Because of our modern way of living these processes can be severely disturbed because of both internal and external stress, excessive demands, unnatural food products, electro smog, environmental toxins, and geopathic stress

The body reacts with chronic permanent stress. This can result in a full spectrum malfunction of the several systems causing different symptoms. ie: exhaustion, allergies, chronic diseases, immune system and so much more.

Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy (META-Therapy) is a frontier technology based on quantum physics.

Bio-Resonance comes from the word resonate or to be in tune, in synchronization, in balance.

Permanent healing is only possible with a complete detoxification of the body, with stress reduction and a reactivation of the regulatory systems, which means the meridians and the central nervous system. At this point META therapy is very effective by helping to remove these blocks.

With one of the BIOPLASM features NLS-diagnostic method it allows the evaluation of the state of bio-energy of each organ individually. The results can be obtained in the form of visual images with the topography of the affected area, as well as the graphical features which allow us to analyze damage to body tissue, allowing more accurately to determine not only the type of injury (inflammation or destruction), but also to clarify the diagnosis.

The device uses a magnetic and light frequency (laser), which can transmit information in the human brain, bypassing the usual senses, by using head phones. We are all aware that the human brain controls everything in the body. Einstein Said: "Everything in life is Vibration."

Numerous studies in the field of Energy-Informatics led to the creation of fundamentally new equipment capable of closing the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious.

This controlled research is able to give an enormous amount of New and Accurate information.

Bioplasm NLS device

Bio-resonance therapy is a painless therapy that deals with the hidden causes of disease and poor health by assessing and then normalizing energetic imbalances. All matter, whether living or inert, resonates at a particular electromagnetic frequency, including the human body.

Toxic substances in the body such as infections, chemicals, and heavy metals alter the body's normal pattern and the body begins to adapt to the new frequency, causing illness or other disorders. Using bio-resonance to modify and correct energy patterns allows the body to return to it's natural healthy state, allowing people to become free of addictions, allergies, and pain.

This is because bio-resonance enhances the body's own regulation and detoxification. The body needs to detoxify itself of accumulated waste in order to allow nutrients to be delivered at a cellular level.

How Bio-resonance Therapy Works

Bio-resonance therapy of BIOPLASM-NLS uses the strategic placement of magnetic inductors (very low electromagnetic vibration) on the surface of the head. Electromagnetic signals are transmitted through the headphones in order to clear blockages in the body's natural flow of energy. Sessions are used to create a diagnosis of the degree of blockage associated with the patient's illness. The Computer record data as the electrodes administer the treatments.

How META-therapy Works

META-therapy builds upon this foundation, but in a totally new synthesis utilizing modern computer technology and electronics. This makes it possible always to find the right frequencies, which are specifically tailored towards the patient and which are most effective for the treatment.

The META-therapy helps the body to better deal with the problems and to eliminate these.


The therapy system transmits this information from the computer to the body in exactly determined amounts and also activates self healing and the elimination of illness.

Both are important factors for the activation of the complete and the system as a whole and self healing, enabling the healing of even very old organ diseases.

The therapy between the two magnetic heads of the BIOPLASM headphones is pleasant and relaxing. It optimizes the energy system of the body and boosts the whole system and the capacity for self healing. The patients feel more vital, more active and have more energy, and the ability to tolerate stress or external demands of daily life improves as well as pain reduction - often even after the first therapy session.

META-therapy not only treats the organs but in addition also treats energy blocks in the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system - systematically and routinely.

Here are some examples of excellent results in the META-Therapy with BIOPLASM-NLS in the following areas:

  • Chronic - degenerative illnesses of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, adjunct therapy to tumors.
  • Weak immune system, chronic infections, sugar regulation.
  • Acute and chronic pain and inflammation, blood pressure, circulation.
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disorders, depressions, migraine, psychosomatic illnesses.
  • Allergies, chemical sensitivity, electro sensitivity, eczema, neurodermatitis, environmental medicine.
  • Hormonal disturbances, menopausal difficulties, PMS.
  • Old age illnesses, digestion issues.
  • Pediatrics: growth problems, behavioral difficulties.
  • Ppinal symptoms: back pains, pains in joints, tensions, arthritis.
  • Injuries, bone fractures.

It's effectiveness META-therapy is a very gentle treatment. The applied electromagnetic fields are relatively weak in comparison to our usual exposure of man made electromagnetic fields.

Consider the following

A brief summery of META-therapy
and how the Bioplasm device works

Each META-therapy session is unique

The Causes of any illness are treated, rather than the symptoms or the individual organs.

The focus is on health

NO SIDE EFFECTS AND RISKS. Therefore the META-therapy is also ideally suited for children.


Blood test report print outs provided as a session that can be presented to your GP


The device uses a magnetic and light frequency, which can transmit information to the brain

Disclaimer: Like all other medical therapies, we do not claim that META-Therapy will cure all. If a META therapy does not yield the desired effect further medical diagnosis and treatment might be necessary

The therapy-session consists of two steps:

  1. Diagnosis: The therapist utilizing the computer system BIOPLASM-NLS determines problems of your body, causes of stresses and blockages of your energy system.
  2. Therapy: You receive the exact amount of frequency information for your healing.
  • Q: How long before the treatment has to be repeated?
  • A: Depends on the nature of the illness. Normally 3 - 10 sessions are required.
  • Q: Do I need medication?
  • A: With BIOPLASM and your therapist you will be recommend the best supplements that may be needed.


BIOPLASM (METAZODES) are a specific combination of frequencies use to produce ready medicinal tailor made for patient, normally in the form of a tincture.

NO contra-indications are absent as with traditional medicinal preparations.

It will be received by the client via the BIOPLASM itself and at the same time transferred to the matrix for oral delivery over a course of treatment. (If deemed necessary for oral medicine.)

This type of preparation eliminates all harmful side effects and contra-indications as in the case when conventional medicine are prescribed simultaneously treating the patient.

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