Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations


The SCIO is really changing the way we view medicine and health care.

You find out more about your overall health in just the 1st session

The SCIO is a non evasive system that is capable of scanning the body from head to toe, giving you a complete analysis of your mental, physical and emotional health, all in one package.

In just +/- 5 minutes 9000 frequencies are evaluated which allows you to detect stressors and imbalances including allergies, nutritional deficiencies etc. and come up with solutions. The SCIO utilizes the latest in energetic frequency medicine to optimise organ function and to facilitate the elimination of unwanted toxins like viruses, bacteria, pathogens funguses and food poisoning in your system.

The SCIO is capable of delivering 72 different therapies and has the potential to balance the system and also scans the brain (EEG) which allows the biofeedback technician to balance brain wave irregularities, such as ADD ,ADHD and so forth providing a very safe alternative for children and adults alike (CAN NOT HARM)

Consciousness Halth

The human body has a way of healing

The SCIO was designed by Complementary Health Practitioner, Professor Bill Nelson.

The human body has a way of healing that is built in and natural. All forms of holistic health care follow these principles. The goal of natural healing is to assist the body in healing itself.

The most important principle of natural healing is "self-regulation" which means that the body is always actively organizing its functions so as to maintain a dynamic balance. And the SCIO facilitates this natural holistic healing (Self regulation or balancing the frequencies of the system or body)


We all have experienced stress

however we probably not aware of the seriousness of how it effects every aspect of our health.

For example when we experience stress our heart rate increases and our adrenal glands over produce adrenalin which compromises our Immune system and also interfere with our digestion etc.

(The meaning of stress in SCIO language can be bacteria, fungus, viruses etc.

This is also stressing the body or system) We use this device as Biofeedback Technicians, educators and to show you how to change certain things in your life that are causing the stressors' in your system and to assist so that it does not recur.

The patient should not feel the device but should feel the effects. If the water is the same temperature as the skin the person does not feel the bath but afterwards the person should feel clean. The SCIO device will do analysis of the whole body without blood tests.

Consider the following

A brief summery of SCIO
Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations

Each SCIO session is unique

because the body guides the session according to its own wisdom when the suggested therapies that the SCIO generates are followed.

The focus is on health

and not on disease...
Recovery is quicker & easier in a clean, active body. Healing starts in the mind.

An improved state of mind

is a sign that recovery is proceeding positively & that the body will follow and Natural body healing typically proceeds.

The goal

is to achieve the most while doing the least a session may require from 60 to 90 minutes. The more recent the problem, the faster the recovery

SCIO Consultation Pricing

Affordable wellness for all

Bio Quantum Solutions

Bio Quantum facilitates the bodies own communication and programming to re-establish the link of communication that got lost

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